Climbing Gardens Detail 1

Charlotte graduated from her degree in Fine Art at the University for the Creative Arts, Canterbury, in 2011. She joined Trowbridge later that year and has put in to practice her diverse artistic knowledge. There is no single medium that Charlotte sticks to, simply adopting different styles and techniques to suit individual designs. This fluidity suits her well, allowing numerous successful collections to come to fruition. Charlotte hopes that while building an extensive portfolio, the energy and vibrancy remains strong and the collections are bright and contemporary. Her favorite paintings are often the simplest, with striking shapes or objects overlaid on clean white backgrounds. A great deal of her work consists of bespoke pieces. “I love that. It’s made to order. It’s handmade. You can see why that appeals to people – I think it’s that little bit more special when it’s made by hand.” Charlotte’s work encompasses sculpture, painting, printing and more, but she has no plans to stop there, “I’ve always used different approaches, but these days I’ve got the perfect opportunity to try so many different things. Making the work becomes easier if you’re comfortable with the technique. If I suddenly decide a technique is going to be the best for a piece, I can just go for it. I’ve got that freedom…” Among the many collections of Charlotte’s work available at Trowbridge are abstracts, beach scenes, animals and natural pieces – and many more are planned. “I’ve just launched a velvet version of my floating coral series, and I was trying to think of a way of getting texture onto the pieces. After rambling around the ideas in my head, I decided on flocking.”

Available as 19″x23″ and 26″x30″

This piece’s frame is customizable.

Limited edition of 75.

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