Textured Bean Pods 3

Liz Clayton is a multidisciplinary artist who takes great inspiration from the world that surrounds her. Primarily an illustrator and an experienced designer, Liz completed her Masters Degree in Printmaking from the University Of West England in 2017. It is with the skills obtained in her studies that Liz thrives in experimenting with drawing, painting and a multitude of other media. A love of indulging in color, combined with pattern and texture acts as the catalyst for future artwork, while Liz’s passion and unwavering enthusiasm allow her to approach each project with a ‘hands-on’ attitude. Her zealousness helps drive her need to create, while a constant curiosity allows Liz to continuously experiment with new ideas and art-making techniques that allow her practice to evolve and grow with her ideas.


This piece’s frame is customizable.

Limited edition of 75.

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