Interior lighting is a central aspect of your home design. You can change your home’s entire atmosphere just by how you position lighting and the type of textures you use. Lighting design should change from room to room, because what works well in the dining room will not necessarily work well in your kitchen. Lighting has to reflect the functions and atmosphere of such space. Like other parts of interior design, lighting design keeps changing. Technology is one reason for these changes. The industry continues to come up with advanced fixtures, and homeowners incorporate them into their spaces. Tastes also change with generations, which is why we have vintage lighting. 2019 sees several notable trends that every homeowner should take note of. 

Soft Gold is the new popular finish for fixtures. There has been a spike in the popularity of soft colors and soft gold falls into the spectrum of soft colors to use with contemporary decor. The use of grey and matte silver blend well with these fixtures and can be mixed with almost any kind of decor from modern urban, to farmhouse. Soft gold will be around for quite some time.

The second trend concerns Retro and industrial styles that are coming back, but perhaps in more refined forms. The word we would like to use is “upgraded industrial” or “modern retro”. This is achieved by using metals with varied tones. These modern retro styles often take on the look of an art form. Good uses of this type of design are in kitchen work areas and perhaps above a dining area. Don’t be afraid of industrial; it is no longer harsh as unfinished. This updated look fits with any 21st century decor. 

The third trend to consider is vintage Edison Bulbs, for that warm retro style. These stylized bulbs offer a softer, more romantic feel. Don’t forget your bathrooms! An easy update is using sconces. For years, mid century styles have been go to favorites for interior designers without great experience. Now many mid century and art deco designs are on the market with their clean lines and parcel down form and geometric designs. 

A wonderful way to update your space is with lighting.  Come see our vast selection of chandeliers, unique lamps, eye-catching sconces and pendants.  From entries and dining rooms to kitchen and bathrooms, The Interior is your go-to source for lighting improvements!

Victoria Bixler

Lighting Expert

With furniture in her blood, Victoria is a multi-faceted source for Home Furnishings. She prides herself as being viewed as a career professional in many different areas of the design field. Receiving her BFA from Trinity University, she went into advertising but was soon pulled back in the business of furniture and design. She has collaborated with Designers for over 27 years in both Sales and Design, she states “I offer a definite advantage and insight to my designers for their clients.” Assessing designers needs while working within their client’s budgets is one of the many things that make Victoria an asset here at The Interior Dallas. Her knowledge of the resources that are available are quite extensive, making her a winner in our eyes.


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